Introducing ZY4

March 3, 2018

ZY4 can secure any electronic communication performed over any distance or store, track, and index sensitive information with a new class of quantum-invulnerable encryption. Modern encryption technology plays an important role in everyday life: in addition to ensuring privacy, it underpins tasks such as online banking, e-commerce, e-mail, and the storage and exchange of personal information and photos. However, with the advent of quantum computing, powerful new computers may not only revolutionize current computing technology, but also render all existing encryption useless: the advanced computing abilities of these machines could allow any conventional encryption technology to be attacked. Recent advances by D-Wave and IBM’s recent breakthrough announcement of their 51 qubit quantum computer, competing with Microsoft and Google quantum computers, heralds the long anticipated and pivotal moment of ‘Quantum Supremacy’ over classical supercomputers.

To address this urgent security issue, the development of post-quantum encryption technology, which is invulnerable to attacks by quantum computers, is essential. ZY4's solutions consists of small electronic devices implementing advanced encryption algorithms that render sensitive data completely invulnerable to cryptanalysis. We're hiring! Get in touch.