Introducing the Shannon Event Horizon

March 20, 2019

LONDON - Railton Frith, chairman of ZY4 Systems is pleased to announce the launch of the ZY4 whitepaper: The Hidden State of Post-Quantum Cryptography: An Introductory Note on the Shannon Event Horizon.

"One method proposed for addressing security issues with post-quantum cryptography simply increases the size of existing symmetric keys, thereby increasing protection. Looking to the future and extrapolating the behaviour and examining the constraints imposed by an extreme increase in the size of symmetric keys potentially points the way towards a new cryptographic paradigm. ZY4 Systems has started an exciting investigation and proposed a formalism based upon a ‘Shannon Event Horizon’, located on the edge between information theoretically secure one-time pads and computationally secure algorithms. This form of ‘Quantum Invulnerable Security’ pushes Shannon’s Drunk Man’s walk to its ultimate limit, and uses both Pseudo Infinite Period Random Number and Quantum Random Number Generators to create a vast, complex combinatorial space to encrypt information. This approach poses an interesting question: when does the protection of Quantum Invulnerable Security meet or approach the physical implementations of information theoretic security? The answer is not quite as obvious as it first appears, and is discussed in the ZY4 paper."

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